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Do you know that most millennials doesn't have any knowledge about investment? Even if they do they think it’s so hard to get into the field! This lack of knowledge about investment and the ease of money spending with a click of a button and the appetite for spending everywhere from the store next door to the online website thousands miles away is affecting the next generation wealth.



Reducing waste by repurposing empty shipping containers for social good, specifically student and refugee housing. Europe has high shipping container disposal costs compared to other ports. Shipping companies haul empty containers to ports with cheaper disposal costs, and some will even dump containers overseas in spite of increasing regulations. These containers are recycled and downcycled by the disposal companies. The costs and energy consumed by moving empty containers away from Europe can be reduced if there was a local market for the reusable containers. The Netherlands, like many countries, is also having a housing crisis. This greatly impacts students and refugees who have fewer resources.


SME's seem to lack the educated professionals and advanced systems and processes that they would / should wish to have for endurance in the marketplace with good results in customer satisfaction, loyalty and a sustainable margin.

Family Mobility

People can share someone's private cars with the subscription. People who owns cars can find side businesses as well as the people who do not have cars can ride along with his or her subscription.

Infrastructural problem in ports and sustanability

How can we change the rail infrastructure and how we can improve the freight rail transport.

Sustainable Social Housing model(SSHousing)

-Climate change is relating to the energy consumption of the construction industry and building sector has a big role on it.(Global problem for the governments) -Energy bills of the homes and units should be decreased by the auditions and innovative methods throughout their lifecycle.(for home users, owners) -Green technology developers and investors need to increase their marketplace and local projects.(for the predictors/supply chain)


Food waste at the individual level (households). 60% of all food waste occurs at the individual level, every person wastes about 75kg of food every year. We want to prevent this.

Orange cardboard

A lot of waste is created at the port of Rotterdam, for example orange peels as a result of the production of juice. The second problem which we want to tackle is the lack of cardboard and sustainable produces packaging materials.

Talent Tales

Exposing start-ups and their vacancies to students.