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Nima Salami
Viktor Koppenol
Sara Okhuijsen




The challenge

While DNA is the most sensitive human biometric and therefore critical data; both public & commercial organizations lack appropriate means of storing it securely and efficiently. Moreover, due to the reduction of costs in sequencing technologies, there is now a sudden huge increase in genomic data produced. However, due to a lack of proper handling of such data, there has been a large increase in the data breaches caused by cyberattacks in the past years.

The solution

OASYS NOW is a cybersecurity and intelligent data storage & analysis solutions company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It offers ethical-by-design, privacy-first, and future-proof data processes and storage solutions for biotechnology and high-security organizations active in the field of health and genomics. Typically, individuals sign off on their DNA and health data rights when using standard testing services such as 23andMe or others, who then sell it for research purposes. By utilizing blockchain technology, customers of OASYS NOW can now control how their health data is used, who gets to use it and collect the rewards from the analysis of such valuable data. To that end, we have built OASYS HEAL! On OASYS HEAL, you can benefit from Preventive Healthcare practices such as having your DNA tested. These tests provide you with incredible insights into how your body is uniquely formed up until now, and how it can further evolve in the future. Moreover, by adding your general health data to OASYS HEAL, you can receive step-by-step instructions on how to prolong your healthy life, through receiving guided tasks on how to fine-tune your diet, physical activity, sleep, and more.


A privacy-first, ethical-by-design, data storage & exchange platform specifically designed for genomic data, enabling: - business owners to reduce storage costs & get GDPR-compliant, - researchers to discover new drugs through access to global databases, - individuals to gain full ownership & insight over their DNA data, Leading to a faster and safer route toward accessible Preventive Healthcare

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